Eco-Friendly Packaging Brand Favorites

Eco-Friendly Packaging Brand Favorites

When I began dreaming of becoming a working artist, I knew a large part of that dream would be finding eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging for shipping my work. Using earth-friendly packaging was an absolute must for me in my pursuit of being a toxin-free studio and sustainable art practice, and there are a few companies that have been instrumental in my plastic-free packaging journey.

Just a note that I am not being paid to mention any of these brands or products, and opinions/endorsements are completely my own. This post does not contain affiliate links of any kind.

EcoEnclose is by far my favorite eco-friendly packaging company, and their customer service has been absolutely fantastic as well. I use EcoEnclose for plastic-free mailers, glassine bags, and shipping labels, but they also sell stickers, packing materials, boxes, and other packaging products. If you receive a package from me, you'll definitely notice the presence of EcoEnclose products!

PURE Labels
PURE Labels is a bit more niche than Eco Enclose in that they specialize in labels, stickers, and other packaging accessories. I have really enjoyed ordering blank eco-friendly stickers from PURE Labels to use with my hand-carved stamps, but they do have the ability to custom print labels and stickers as well.

NoIssue is a super fun company that specializes in tissue paper, stickers, tape, and other eco-friendly custom-branded materials. They are so committed to sustainability, they have their own Eco Packaging Alliance that helps reforest the planet. Their custom product builder is intuitive and easy to use, and I'm really impressed by their capabilities and their dedication to eco-friendly packaging.

Although not all of ClearBags' products are eco-friendly, I wanted to include them on this list since I order my backing and glassine paper sheets from them. Their shipping times are speedy and I've enjoyed being able to find affordable plastic-free options through their offerings.


As an artist who is continually trying to be more sustainable in her practice, I appreciate that these companies are providing such high-quality, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging options. I can't solve all of our environmental problems through my actions, but I'm proud to package and ship my creations in packaging that moves the needle in the right direction.

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