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Dala Horse Minnesota 3 Inch Sticker | Linocut Block Print Eco-Friendly Sticker

Dala Horse Minnesota 3 Inch Sticker | Linocut Block Print Eco-Friendly Sticker

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Minnesota has a rich Swedish heritage due to the immigration boom of the 18-1900s. It’s estimated that a quarter of a million Swedish immigrants arrived in Minnesota between 1850 and 1930, my ancestors being some of them. One of the many Swedish icons they took with them when sailing to their new home was the Dalahäst, or Dala horse, a small hand-carved horse figurine that sports vibrant designs hand-painted onto a traditionally red, blue, or white body. I’ve always loved these beautiful little horses and have amassed a small collection over time, including one from a trip to Sweden in 2019! Dala horses can be seen throughout small towns and villages in Minnesota, and are a prominent reminder of the Swedish people that settled here and that still call Minnesota home today. 

My 3” stickers are perfect for laptops, water bottles, phones, or your adventure gear. Made with 40% recycled materials and PET, these stickers contain NO vinyl or PVC and can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin. Made with water-based inks and a non-damaging, non-toxic adhesive, these stickers last up to 5 years indoors while being an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vinyl stickers. 

  • Made with 40% recycled materials and PET
  • 100% recyclable
  • Last up to 5 years indoors
  • Non-toxic, non-damaging adhesive
  • Water-based inks
  • Hand wash recommended - will survive the dishwasher but use caution!
  • An eco-friendly alternative to vinyl stickers
  • Designed in Minnesota, USA, manufactured in Toronto, Canada
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