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Amy Teawalt Studio

“Stay True” Linocut Print 5x7” | Hand Printed Black and Green Block Print

“Stay True” Linocut Print 5x7” | Hand Printed Black and Green Block Print

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There’s a triple meaning behind the name of this print. I recently got married and we had a lot of eucalyptus in our wedding flower lineup, so one part of “stay true” is the association with marriage and lifelong partnership. The hand-painted silver stars are a reference to navigating by the stars, which is one of the “truest” forms of navigation since the stars seldom move out of place. Lastly, the variety of eucalyptus this print references is called “True Blue,” similar to the real “Baby Blue” eucalyptus I used in the photographs. So much meaning in one little print!

Hand carved and printed on green Lami Lokta artisan paper. 5x7.” Edition of 25. Each linocut is a unique original.

Linocut prints (also called block prints) are created by carving a design into a piece of linoleum (a "block") then inking the block and printing it on paper or fabric. Each print is unique due to the hand printed nature of the work, although prints within the same edition vary only slightly to maintain a consistent edition. Each print is signed by the artist and is considered fine art.

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